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It's Been A While...

May 3rd, 2019

Hey everyone! Its been a while!

First off, I would like to thank those of you who have donated to keeping this resource going. It has helped a lot of with covering a percentage of the annual fee for the file server and also a slight boost of motivation to keep developing more resources on her for the community to have access to.

I would like to prepare a roadmap for the future of things around here. As I know have only limited time to work on things so need to schedule everything in a way that I can make the updates feasible. Below is a list of what is being worked on:

- Add ammo pick up sounds to all sci-fi ammo
- Add shaders to all ammo and weapons to sci-fi pack
- More Ancient Roman Characters
- Tropical Jungle Texture Bank
- Moon Texture Bank
- Viking Texture Bank
- Gym Segments
- Health Station - Sci-Fi Collection
- Switches (WWII and Sci-Fi)
- More WWII Props
- Fix Illumination Maps on Androids in Sci-Fi Collection
- Fix skin wrinkle bug on female characters in Sci-Fi Collection (when set to highest entity shader)
- Fix black hair showing on blond female character in Sci-Fi Collection
- Sci-Fi Characters (zombie with gun and conker)
- History Pack Characters
- Viking Characters
- Tropical Jungle Characters
- Cave Segments and More Props
- Dungeons Characters
- Nighttime City Docks Segments
- Normal and Spec maps for Aiko Sci-Fi Characters
- Neutral Skeleton - Dungeon Collection
- Science Fiction Doors - Science Fiction Collection
- World War 2 Doors - World War 2 Collection

So stay tuned and bookmark this page as many updates will soon be coming!

Happy New Years!

January 20th, 2018

I'll be starting off the New Year by making all of the FPSC weapons as pickups! Starting you off with 4 weapons from the Sci-Fi Collection ready for download!

Download Link | (152 Files | 29 MB)

Free Space Mutant!

November 4th, 2017

- Melee Attacking Mutant Character from FPSCx10 Added to Sci-Fi Collection

Download Link

Fire Spell and Staff Pick Ups!

July 19th, 2017

- Fire Spellbook added to Fantasy Collection
- Fire Staff added to Fantasy Collection

Download link

These two collectable items do the same thing: They grant the player the spell power to shoot fireballs from the players hands. Hopefully a first person hud is created for the staff in the future, so that the collectable staff makes more sense.

100 FPSC Weapons!


- 5 Weapons added to Science Fiction (alpha versions - download link)
- 1 Weapon added to Fantasy Collection (alpha version - download link)

For more information on the weapons: Read More Here!

Roman Soldier


- Roman Soldier Character Added to Ancient Rome Collection

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